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Welcome To First Homes Agency

We are currently under construction and we plan to Launch End of Q4 of 2019.

We are very excited for you to join us and reap the benefits of what we do!

Why First Homes Agency:

Real estate and the buying process can be very overwhelming with all the people involved and the time it takes from looking at a property to actually closing on one.

Our goal is to make sure you know what you are doing when making your first real estate purchase whether it is your first home or your first investment property.

What we do:

We will be streamlining all the information you need to know a long with all the people you need to talk to to make the most seamless purchase possible!

We will partner with all the different parties involved in real estate to make sure you and your family are taken care of through all the steps in the process.

How to take advantage:

1. Learn the process and the people involved on our Real Estate Process tab.

2. Find out how you can qualify by letting us know your plans and we will send you a specific checklist on how you can prepare yourself to qualify for a home.

  • Once you have completed this checklist we can Pre-Qualify you in less than 24 hrs. to see how much and what type of properties you will be able to afford.

3. Be aligned with our preferred partners and designated agents that will take care of your as you head on to search for your first home wherever it may be! We have agents in all states.

4. Use our website or interact with us in our social media and forums for any questions!

We are excited to work with you and to help you to achieve your first home. :)

- Kamil T.

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