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Escrow and Title Company

 Basic understanding of Escrow and Title Agencies

What They Do



  • Escrow is when a neutral third party holds on to funds during a transaction.

  • It’s used as a way to protect both the buyer and seller during the home purchasing process. 

Title Agency:

  • Search country real estate records to determine the legal ownership of the property. 

  • Find mortgages, liens, or unpaid taxes that must be settled before a property can be sold. 

  • Look for any legal restrictions, easements or leases that may exist on the property

What You Need To Know


The purpose of escrow is two-fold.

  1. Guarantees the seller that the buyer has the funds needed for the purchase and that the money will be handed over once the title is transferred.

  2. Guarantees the buyer that they won’t be scammed by a fraudulent seller who actually holds no claim to a title.


Ultimately, escrow helps ensure trust in a high-stakes transaction where neither party may be familiar with each other and where both have a lot to lose.

Title Agency:

  • Ensures that the property you are purchasing is legally available for the seller to sell. 

  • Guarantees this to all parties and they handle the legal paper work required to transfer ownership from the sell to the buyer. 

Title Companies at Closing

The last time you will interact with the title company is during the close.

Watch the video below to understand how closing will look like

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